Connection Type: Server-side

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Multi-touch attribution support

Converge preprocesses all events and enriches them with all available profile, session and attribution information to make your attribution data warehouse queries as simple as possible.

Profile Information

Every event that is forwarded includes all available information Converge has on that profile until that moment, ranging from $ip_address all the way to $email.

Events that typically do not have an $email property associated with them (e.g. $page_load) will still contain this property if we were able to identify this profile before the $page_load happened.

Pre-processed Attribution

Converge automatically attributes all events (e.g. Placed Order, Add To Cart, etc.) based on the most popular attribution models.

  • First Touch: Attributes full credit for conversion to the initial touchpoint in the customer journey.
  • First Touch Paid Only: Credits only to the first paid interaction for the conversion; exclusive to paid channels.
  • Last Touch: Assigns full credit for the conversion to the final touchpoint in the customer journey.
  • Last Touch Paid Only: Attributes conversion solely to the last paid interaction; focuses on the final touchpoint within paid channels.

Session Information for custom multi-touch attribution models

Converge sends over all sessions with their attribution information (e.g. utm_source, utm_campaign, etc.) so you can assign custom credit to each of these touchpoints — allowing you to create your fully custom multi-touch attribution model.

An example query

As an example, the following query on top of the Converge Table gives you the number of times an SKU was ordered:

  string(item.sku) sku, count(*) order_count
FROM `your-project-name.your-dataset-name.your-table-name`
LEFT JOIN unnest(json_extract_array(event_properties.items,'$')) item
WHERE event_name = 'Placed Order'
ORDER BY order_count DESC
Make sure you replace your-project-name, your-dataset-name and your-table-name with your appropriate values.

Converge functionality

This integration supports the following Converge connection functionality.

Converge FeatureSupported
Custom Events
Server-side Conversions

Event Mapping

Converge automatically sends all implemented events from the Converge Spec and any custom events to BigQuery.

Converge Event NameBigQuery Name
Viewed ProductViewed Product
Viewed CollectionViewed Collection
Added To CartAdded To Cart
Started CheckoutStarted Checkout
Added Payment InfoAdded Payment Info
Placed OrderPlaced Order
Started SubscriptionStarted Subscription
Received Refund Received Refund