Getting Started with Converge

Follow the instructions below to learn how to get your data into Converge, set up your first connection and power the dashboard with your ad platform data.

1. Get your Customer Data in Converge

To get started with Converge, you need to track the Converge Event Spec

Converge has pre-built integrations with most Shopping Platforms, simply pick your platform below and follow the steps.

Most Converge installations only involve a Storefront and Store Backend setup. If you leverage custom checkouts, subscriptions or landing page builders, you will want to connect these as well.

2. Set up your Connections

Connections send data from Converge (e.g. Purchase-Events) to Destinations (e.g. Facebook Ads).

3. Set up Ad Platform Integrations

Ad Platform Integrations pull metrics (e.g. Ad Spend) from Ad Platforms into Converge for Dashboarding purposes.