Converge allows you to filter out events based on Event Properties or by their Source.

Event Property Filters

Converge allows you to filter out events granularly based on their event properties according to the Converge Event Spec.

A Converge property filter only forwards events if a condition is True. As such, a connection with the following filter only forwards Placed Order events if the property is not equal to subscription_contract.

subscription filters


Source Filters

Converge allows you to filter out all events of a specific source with a single filter. This is especially helpful when you have multiple sales channels, such as multiple storefronts.

Multi-store setups

A typical example of source filters is when you are setting up multiple stores. You might want to set up different GA4 Connections for each store for example. You can use Source Filters to filter out the appropriate Sources per Connection.

As an example, if you have a US and CA store and you are creating a GA4 Connection for the US Store — you will want to configure your US Sources to be the only ones streaming into this Connection.