Why the Converge Spec?

Most CDPs are not very strict about which events you track, where you track them (client or server) and with which properties. This usually leads to problems with destinations downstream as each destination does have very specific integration requirements to operate optimally.

Advantages of a strict spec

Converge, therefore works with a strict Converge Event Spec. Because we have a semantic understanding of what you are tracking, we can:

  1. Automatically map your source events to destinations in an optimal way through our Connections
  2. Surface your meaningful analytics through our Attribution
  3. Monitor and flag when you are wrongly tracking events or properties negatively affecting your destinations or analytics through Source Monitoring

Of course, you can still extend the Converge Spec with your own events, properties, etc.


These events, event properties, profile properties and aliases will be auto-tracked by the Converge Pixel.


When a user views a page.

You do not need to manually implement any of the below properties, they will be automatically tracked for all client-side events.

Ecommerce Events

These events and properties should be passed for Ecommerce brands. All of these events will contain additional prepopulated properties through auto-tracking.

Viewed Product

When a user views a product detail page.

Viewed Collection

When a user views a collection detail page that includes multiple products.

Added To Cart

When a user adds a product to cart

Started Checkout

When a user starts the checkout process.

Added Payment Info

When a user adds their payment info.

Placed Order

When a user places an order.

Conversion event: you should adhere to the Where To Track and Deduplication guidelines.

Viewed Cart

When a user views their cart.

This is an optional event

Subscription Lifecycle Events

These events and properties should be passed for companies who operate on subscriptions.

Started Subscription

When a user starts a subscription.

Conversion event: you should adhere to the Where To Track guidelines.

Cancelled Subscription

When a user cancels a subscription.

Placed Recurring Subscription Order

When a user places a recurring subscription order.