Connection Type: Client-side

and Server-side

Installation Instructions

Once you have installed your Converge Connection, you should pause or remove all existing Facebook tracking. Leaving these on will lead to duplicate tracking.

Converge functionality

This integration supports the following Converge connection functionality.

Converge FeatureSupported
Custom Events
Server-side Conversions


Event Mapping

Converge automatically maps the following events from the Converge Event Spec to the Meta spec.

Converge Event NameMeta Event Name
Viewed ProductViewContent
Viewed CollectionViewContent
Added To CartAddToCart
Started CheckoutInitiateCheckout
Added Payment InfoAddPaymentInfo
Placed OrderPurchase
Started SubscriptionSubscribe
Placed Recurring Subscription OrderRecurringSubscriptionPaymentSucceeded
Cancelled SubscriptionCancelSubscription

This integration also auto-tracks some additional events that are not part of the Meta Base Spec but are so heavily requested that we automatically forward them.

Converge Event NameMeta Event Name
Placed Order (New Customers Only)NewCustomerPurchase