Connection Type: Client-side

and Server-side

Installation Instructions

Once you have installed your Converge Connection, you should pause or remove all existing Google Analytics 4 tracking. Leaving these on will lead to duplicate tracking.

Configuration Options

The following options can be configured in the Connection Configuration.

Connection Type

How Converge forwards events to Google Analytics 4. Options include:

  • Client-side: loads the gtag and sends every Converge event client-side.
  • Server-side: loads the gtag and sends every Converge event (except for $page_load) server-side through the Measurement Protocol.
  • Server-side GTM (Recommended): loads the gtag in a server-side GTM container, and sends server-side conversions through the Measurement Protocol.

Custom Events

The GA4 connection supports setting up custom events, see here for a deep-dive.

When the (recommended) sGTM mode is selected, there are two additional configuration options for each custom event:

  • Client or Server. Configure where the custom event is sent from. By default, custom events are triggered from the browser. In some cases, you may want to trigger the event from the server instead. This is useful for events that are exclusively sent server-side to Converge.
  • Event or Conversion. Choose whether the custom event should be marked as a conversion in GA4.

Custom Event Properties

Converge allows you to map properties that were tracked on a source from Converge into a custom property in Google Analytics 4.

Converge functionality

This integration supports the following Converge connection functionality.

Converge FeatureSupported
Custom Events
Server-side Conversions


Event Mapping

Converge automatically maps the following events from the Converge Event Spec to the Google Analytics 4 spec.

Converge Event NameGA4 Event Name
Viewed Productview_item
Viewed Collectionview_item_list
Added To Cartadd_to_cart
Started Checkoutbegin_checkout
Added Payment Infoadd_payment_info
Placed Orderpurchase
Started Subscriptionstart_subscription
Received Refund refund