Connection Type: Client-side

and Server-side

Installation Instructions

Converge functionality

This integration supports the following Converge connection functionality.

Converge FeatureSupported
Custom Events
Server-side Conversions

Adding product url and image url to Converge events to power Klaviyo flows

A common usecase of the Klaviyo Destination is to build Klaviyo Email Flows based on Converge Events. As such, you might want to include a Product URL or Product Image URL in the Converge Event so you can leverage these in your email flows.

To that end, you will want to extend the Converge Event Spec for following events. Once you add the custom properties to your events, Converge will automatically forward these to the Klaviyo Destination.


Event Mapping

Converge automatically maps the following events from the Converge Event Spec to the Klaviyo spec.

Converge Event NameKlaviyo Event Name
Viewed ProductViewed Product
Viewed CollectionViewed Category
Added To CartAdded to Cart
Started CheckoutStarted Checkout
Placed OrderPlaced Order

This integration also auto-tracks some additional events that are not part of the Meta Base Spec but are so heavily requested that we automatically forward them.

Converge Event NameKlaviyo Event Name
Ordered ProductOrdered Product