Installation Instructions

Manually instrumenting events

If the pre-built server integrations do not cover the the applicable conversions from the Converge Event Spec; or if you want to add custom events from your website then you will need to manually instrument these using the Converge Pixel. You can use the Webhook source to manually instrument these events.

As a general rule, you should always aim to pass as many properties, profileProperties and aliases as possible

The webhook body has the following parameters:

  • event_name: The name of the event
  • event_id: The ID of the event, used for deduplication
  • properties: The event properties you want to pass, covering the Converge Spec and possibly your own custom properties.
  • profile_properties: The profile properties
  • aliases: Any aliases

Event Spec

This integration does not auto-track any events by default. All events should be instrumented manually according to the Converge Event Spec.

You should typically implement Placed Order and Started Subscription events server-side. You can find a full list in the Converge Spec here